Non NHS Charges

Most of the services offered by the surgery are free under the N.H.S. Some services are not covered under the N.H.S. and for these your G.P. can charge a fee. The fee will reflect both the Doctor’s time to carry out the service and the Doctor’s professional opinion. It may include the cost of nursing or secretarial support and stationery. If you have any concerns about the fee involved please discuss this with your Doctor prior to requesting the service. All Forms, letters and Reports can take up to 7 working days to complete

Certificates without Examination

Certificate of vaccination £      30.00                    
Copy Notes (refer to policy) £ FREE - complete subject access request
Copy of blood test results for patients – per sheet (No charge for hospital requests) £ FREE - complete subject access request
Driving Form/Photo £ N/A
Fit to travel certificate £ N/A
Funeral £ N/A
Private prescription for travel £ 15.00
Duplicate Sick note £ 15.00
Straightforward simple certificate £ N/A
“To whom it may concern” Certificate £ 33.00 (Letter)
HPV Vaccine(cervical cancer) X3 required (Cost per injection) £ N/A
Fit to Work Certificate £ N/A
Access to view records (data protection) £ N/A
Questionnaires £30.00

Medical Examinations

Diabetic driver’s examination £ N/A                           
Elderly driver fitness certificate £ N/A 
Fitness to travel examination £ N/A 
HGV,PSV, taxi driver exam £ 130.00 (£150 if diagnostic testing required)
Medical for third parties £ 130.00 (£150 if diagnostic testing required)
Pre employment medical £ N/A
Private consultation Fee £ N/A
Private consultation appointment with nurse to administer injection e.g. B12 (with private script) £ N/A
DNA Test (10 minute appointment with nurse kit provided by patient £ N/A
Seat belt exemption medical £ N/A
Seat belt exemption no medical £ N/A
Private ECG and report £ N/A 
Mental Health Examination £ N/A
Lighter Life Weight Loss (with registered doctor) £ N/A
Cambridge Weight Plan Form £ N/A


Holiday cancellation Form £  30.00          
Employers report & opinion (no examination) £ 50.00
Insurance claim form £ 30.00
Medical reports £ 30.00 (£40 on iGPR)
PMA Additional information £ N/A
School fees insurance claim form £ N/A
Sickness accident claim form £ 30.00
DVLA fitness to drive form £ 40.00 / £80.00 
Criminal CICA report £ N/A
Blue Badge £ 30.00 (support letter)
Drug Safety Research £ N/A
Power of Attorney £ N/A
Power of Attorney (Home visit req) £ N/A
Private home visit £ N/A


Hepatitis B (Course of 3) £ N/A           
Hepatitis B - Booster                                         £ N/A
Malaria Tablets (Private Prescription) £ 15.00
Japanese Encephalitis (Private Prescription) £ 15.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis ((Private Prescription) £ 15.00
Meningococcal ACWY (Private Prescription) £ 15.00
Rabies (Private Prescription) £ 15.00
 Other £ N/A